Welcome to Fidelis Distribution. We bring some of the finest high-end audio to our dealers and customers across the United States.

At Fidelis we provide dedicated dealer services that underpin brand integrity with timely support, advertising with our audio industry partners, and participation in Audio shows.

We’ve recently entered into partnership with Falcon Acoustics, representing this iconic BBC inspired loudspeaker company through our network of select dealers.

We’ve added LAB 12 Electronics, manufacturers of Tube Based Electronics from Greece.

LAB 12 offers high quality hand crafted pieces that bring out the very best in tube based designs at incredibly attractive price points.

Our British connection doesn’t end with Harbeth, Fidelis is proud to have added Neat Acoustics to our portfolio. The Neat ranges provide us with unique loudspeaker designs incorporating ribbon tweeters and Isobaric woofer designs that deliver stunning bass dynamics.